Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is time on twitter time well spent??

As you know I am fairly new to the world of blogging and twitter and various other social media options that I am yet to discover. I really enjoy the world that has opened up to oscar and ruby through these mediums and honestly believe time on twitter is time well spent. Not just for helping to grow as a business, but for making friendships and genuine connections with vendors all over the world. 
If you have the inclination there is a wealth of info out there on how to use twitter well.
To save you the trouble (if you are interested!) I've linked for you here a great article by chris brogan.
It's worth the time.

And the groom wore tartan

kilt 1



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Here for your viewing pleasure are two beautiful Scottish weddings. 
I'm positive i'm not the only girl or guy, who adores a groom in a kilt. Not sure what the attraction is, but could perhaps be that it's such a rare occurrence that when a groom does choose to wear one it's all the more amazing. 
the boy considered* getting kilted up for our wedding, but it seems just because your name is McLeod and some where way way way back in the depths of history someone else called McLeod could possibly be your relation does not give you free reign of the national dress. 
My dad, on the other hand can lay a claim to a slightly closer relationship to the bonny land. He also considered wearing a kilt in the Anderson family tartan, however, after witnessing the somewhat immature behaviour of some of our friends at our engagement party, dad considered the chance of said people lifting his kilt as a joke too risky. And opted out.
Shame really.

* if considered means politely agreeing after months of pestering, then, yes. 
I guess you could say he 'considered' wearing a kilt.

what do you think?
kilt or suit? or tux or shorts?
what's your fav groom attire?