Monday, May 23, 2011

special delivery

Summer Nights Shimmering Shooting Stars Sparkling Crisp Ocean Blue and Clear Glass Fruit Harvest Ball Mason Jar Lights Chandelier - UpCycled ReCycled Hanging Pendant Lighting Fixture Swag Light - Decorative Wedding Accent

Set of Two Quart Sized Aqua Blue Ball Mason Jars

Today was my lucky day. I received some excellent news about the future of Oscar and Ruby, and a huge box of blue mason jars arrived on my door step.

Mason jars are EVERYWHERE in America and all over the wedding blogs. But they're just too gorgeous to be put off by that. I'm dreaming and scheming of different ways to utilise them, &
looking forward to hiring them out to my equally gorgeous brides.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Candy shoot

I'm so fortunate to get the opportunity in my job to work with some fantastic photographers.
Here is a sneak peek of yesterday's shoot with Marissa from The Simple Things Studio.
Although, this pic is not hers! 
(it's an instagram -- anything can look great when it has been 'instagramed' don't you think?!)
We have another shoot currently being edited, that was shot by Nadean.
Can't wait to share those with you, but it's all a bit secret squirrel right now.

Have a great weekend, I'm off to Finders Keepers today. 
Perhaps I'll see some of you there???

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

boy in giant bow tie

Cutest wedding accessory I've seen in a while! 
Mini man in a giant bow tie.... Shame we don't have one in our props department.
The other gorgeous accessory is, of course the flower necklace by Emerson Made

Photography is by Lucida Photography, who's blog you must go over and check out. They've just done the most adorable Mothers Day shoot with another super cute mini man.
Thanks so much Melia for allowing me to share your work x

Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY pinata

Steve and I went to a kids party once, it was a friend of a friends, daughter. 
Who knows why we went. 
We didn't really know anyone. 
 They had a pinata that no matter how hard it was hit, it didn't crack. 
After about 10mins of nothing happening kids started to get bored and of course thought it would be fun to hit each other with the sticks. Not fun.
Steve, being the hero he is, took it upon himself to break the stubborn pinata. He managed to crack it open & the kids went nuts for the lollies and toys etc.

Unfortunately, in his excitement when Steve turned around to sit back down next to me, he sat right on top of his champagne glass that he'd left on his seat. 
It cracked too. And shattered every where. 
Cue red-faced pinata hero.
Ha ha. Poor Steve.
These mini pinatas look much easier to break, and easy to put together. Full tutorial is over at One Charming Party.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

business tags

Wedding favor tags - 100 of them - custom cut and engraved

I just ordered 100 of these awesome engraved wooden tags for 50 bucks. Even with my pathetic mathematical skills I managed to work it out to be 50c a piece.
 I don't know who Greg and Addie are, so obviously mine will say Oscar & Ruby. And will be packaged up with my brand spanking new business cards by Tabitha for some very lucky people.
If you're not into self promotion, how great would they be tied around napkins/cutlery/glasses/beer
 at your wedding?
If you'd like, I can send you one in the post. Just email me your address! Gotta be better than bills and snail mail spam.