Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too many rules

Working with a couple at the moment who are getting hitched in a beautiful rotunda that was built in 1901. Unfortunately this rotunda is heavily guarded by its council. My phone conversation with them re restrictions went a little like this

Me: Are chairs allowed?
Them: Yes. 10 only
Me: How about a signing table?
Them: No
Me: A sign to direct people?
Them: No
Me: Some kind of non permanent, weighted sign to show guests they are in the right part of the park?
Them: No
Me: Steamers? Balloons? Temporary flower arrangements? Ribbon? (at this stage I'm getting desperate & clutching at straws, throwing it all out there)
Them: No.
Me: So, we can bring in 10 chairs?
Them: Yes.

Now, I respect old buildings, and parklands wherever they are, and appreciate their simple beauty. I know they don't need much dressing up, but I think things are getting a little out of hand!
I'm a big girl, I was taught to pack away my toys, so how about a little discretion Mrs Council?
I take it these super cute confetti hearts by Lilac Saloon are not an option then?
 I'll follow the guests with a dust buster, if that's what it takes!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Credit due

Blogging, just as in life there are rules. Spoken and unspoken. 
I'm no expert, and as I muddle my way through blogging life, I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Common sense and courtesy obviously go a long way. But as far as official 'rules', well, they're not so black and white. 
Doing the rounds at the moment is this helpful little diagram/flow chart.  Helpful for people with a short attention span like myself. It's like a choose your own (mis) adventure!

Image source: unknown

Just kidding! Get the low down on Pia's blog here

Friday, March 18, 2011

It all adds up

 Aussies online donations @ red cross

Monday, March 14, 2011

Camp wedding

Image credits
1. unknown
5. This tumblr via we heart it
7. We heart it
9. Lilyvale National Park

In two weeks we're off down the South Coast to set up a wedding for a lovely couple getting married in the Royal National Park. Images two and nine are taken at the property, Lilyvale where the celebrations will be taking place. 
And celebrate they will! 
No curfew at this wedding, as guests have been invited to bring a tent and stay the night.
There is a large homestead on the property, where the bridal party and family will be staying. We'll also be serving pizza and cocktails from the large verandah while guests mill around and enjoy the beautiful grounds. I have a feeling this wedding will be one to remember. Filled with friendship, love and good times! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My best friends wedding

Be warned: This post is picture heavy! I guess emotional involvement = severe lack of editing skills!

A wedding I've been meaning to share with you for a while, is that of my great mates Shannon & Terry. After many happy years together (some of which involved living with Steve and I) they were hitched at the stunning (and popular) Gunners Barracks, on Sydney Harbour.

Steve and I were so honoured to be their bridal party. One newly hitched couple plus one soon to be hitched couple = a whole lot of love and fun!!

All photos are by Nerida Mc Murray who I'm looking forward to working with again in a few weeks!

Mothers of the Bride and Groom, dressed so super stylishly. Great choice of colours.

Bridesmaid dress was from Matthew Eager

This was when I started crying. That look of love. Gets me every time.

Haha! Poor Shannon and Terry, trying to be romantic for the camera with your two mates hanging around teasing you can't be easy. You can see the little smirks on their faces......

Shannons dress was by Karen Willis Holmes. Having to travel from Perth for her fittings, the ladies made it all too easy, and the dress was perfection.

The obligatory girls hamming it up for the camera shot

 Showing exactly how honoured he is to be best man by whooping it up on a canon.
My boy is all class.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What do people do all day?

Did you ever read this book by Richard Scarry?
 Following the lives of the folk of busy town? With Huckle Cat, bumbling Sergeant Murphy and my personal favourite Lowly the Worm, who did many things during the day like going to school, driving a street sweeper and operating on people in the local hospital.
Such a multi talented worm.
Well, I know what Scott and Alia from Whitewall Photography do all day.
They make beautiful! 
Beautiful photos with beautiful styling. Like this engagement shoot.

So, Tom the groom is a chef. And yep, he made all of these dishes. Clever boy.

And the shoot took place in a friends vineyard, as what's the use of beautiful food without a beautiful glass of wine to enjoy?

Congrats on your engagement Tom & Sarah. And thanks Whitewall photography for letting me share these pics!
For more of this shoot you can go to Scott and Alia's blog.