Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seven things about me

I've been tagged by the lovely Mrs A to write seven interesting/random facts about me. I hope you find them, ah, interesting!

I rarely wear anything other than thongs in summer

Stevie and I lived in London for three years, and drove around Europe in a camper van for four months. Five years later we still talk about it. It was the best time of our lives!


I absolutely can not stand icy pole sticks. I avoid them at all cost, even if that means missing out on ice cream.

Striped t'shirts feature heavily in my wardrobe. None however, are in umbrella form.


Not really random, but I love talking weddings.  


The ring tone on my phone is Florence and the machine .
{You've got the love.} Because I do!


Sometimes, if I finish work early, Stevie and I will take a bottle of champagne down to the park near the bay and watch the sunset. We look a little like bogans, with paper cups, but meh....... it's so lovely.

Now, to share the love......I'm passing this task to

Julie.... Olive and Joy

all images via we heart it. except florence.