Wednesday, June 23, 2010

holiday fun time

next week i'll be on holidays. lucky me! this time of year most people would be taking off to go skiing in their holidays. lucky them. me, i can't ski. never even saw snow until i was 23*. so, on my holiday, if i was to go 'skiing' i think i would prefer to stay inside. by the fire perhaps. drinking hot chocolate and getting crafty. these projects seem pretty appropriate. don't you think?

sweet diy here

i might buy these tags to tie around our mugs of chocolate

and these to hang in our chalet

*and even then it was only in london. more slush than snow really

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

put your hand up....

if you've styled for the entity that is martha stewart. anyone? hmmm, well, maybe one day.
for now let's have a sticky beak at the work of a woman who has. many times.
she is super talented and very inspiring. she has also worked for kate spade, instyle and nylon. her name is randi brookman harris. and she has even managed to style her dogs ears to match the antlers on the wall in her profile pic. don't believe me? look.
if you need more beautiful images you can drop in to her website here.

she makes it look so easy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The ball is rolling

after meeting with the lovely couple who have chosen the equally lovely Nielsen Park for their december wedding, i could barley control my excitement. they have some great ideas for the direction they want to head with their wedding design and are incorporating some lovely personal touches in to their day. lovely!!

the highlight of our meeting was when the word 'marquee' was mentioned. y
ipee! oh, the opportunities for styling the humble marquee offers. and to have one standing next to the kiosk at nielsen park makes my job so much easier. Unfortunately decent photos of decent marquees are hard to find. have to keep you posted on that one. in the mean time, here's some pretty inspiration for e & a's big day....

the kiosk. check out those beautiful coloured windows. inspiration city.

it's great that, although their venue is right on the beach, the couple have chosen not to take direction from this. i'm super happy we are going with a rustic, wildflower kind of vibe. no frangipanis* at this beach wedding.

december + sydney + outdoor ceremony equals sunburn and sweat. ew.
bring on the pretty parasols and fans. details and style bonanza.

and just in case the guests forget what they came for! ye old chalkboard sign. too cute.

*nothing particularly wrong with them but they've been done. haven't they??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's list.....

Once upon a time the boy asked me to have a browse through his phone address book and rate his friends. Rate his friends??? Rest assured I declined, a) because first of all, how do you rate your friends exactly?? and b) I'm sure he was just bored and possibly looking for a fight*.

Making lists is a fun thing to do, as long as no-one gets hurt in the process. It's helps set priorities and let's other people inside your head just a little. Today here is a list of things I will never understand

* How exactly television works ( And not in a Willy Wonka way)

* Why my dog flat out refuses to eat out of a bowl or walk over metal grates

* How to spell restaurant ( three cheers for spell check)

* Scrunchies. Enough said.

* Why people rely on staring in reality shows ( I'm looking at YOU masterchef) to follow their dreams/start a new career. They're clearly amazing enough to do it solo.

*Algebra ( sorry Mrs Silsby**)

*Why my mum sees it as a personal attack when I can't talk on the phone to her right now.

* The relevance of the above picture to this post. Or this post to this blog even.

Disclaimer: No friends feelings were trampled on during the making of this list. No promises for next weeks though.

* not that this is a common occurrence, think he was just trying to be controversial
** my year eight math teacher. She had a beard, which was VERY distracting. So,you see, not exactly my fault I don't understand algebra.