Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal kiss

The Kiss  #rw2011 #royalwedding

What a wedding. Congratulations Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Slush and boots

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With two weddings booked this weekend (neither of them 'royal', although both equally as important!) rain has been on my mind (as it is every week before an event). 
But, you know what, it's not so much the actual rain that is the problem, as umbrellas and such take care of keeping you dry. It's more the soggy ground underfoot. Ugh. It's always great to have a plan B as mentioned in this article on Amour Amour.
But even better is to rock out a pair of beautiful gumboots for your bridal pics & embrace the weather!

These are my top three options (as a stylist needs her 'work' boots too!).
Yellow and pink from Hunter 
Super cute booties by Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes

P.s Or, there is always the DIY option.....


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A super simple DIY perfect for thankyou tags/place cards or any kind of wedding stationery. It seems my confetti obsession continues! At least this way is council friendly.
Dots can be purchased here
And this awesome project can be seen over on Joke's blog. Along side many more inspirational paper projects! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

brick work

Love this clever Lego as brick work art by Jan Vormann. Found via honestly WTF

Friday, April 15, 2011


So so true. Sunday mornings are the highlight of my week! We have a little tradition where we pretend we are back in Paris, St Germain in our little appartement which was our home for a while last year.
We venture out and fetch beautiful fresh croissants and coffee from Copo across the road here in Drummoyne. Then enjoy a leisurely breakfast before hitting the flea markets.
This Sunday we'll be packing up and heading to Garigal National Park for a little bridal photoshoot.
Hopefully we can still squeeze in a little bit of Paris before hand!

Poster from etsy store reconstructing ideas found via a life so peachy

P.s What are things like for you on Sunday mornings? Is there anyone out there who doesn't love this time of the week??

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World class

So, I live in Australia. But, I don't like views. Or bush walking. Or landscapes that much really either. Steve and I have been on lovely weekends away up in the Blue Mountains, which is such a beautiful place. 
But I never really valued how beautiful until I saw it through the eyes of photographer Andrew Follan.
Hm, perhaps I owe those three sisters and their home turf an apology.

Natures provides. A lovely organic ceremony space. Imagine the energy surrounding the couple in this moment.

Pretty magical I'd say.

Vegan food never looked so good! Love when couples have huge sharing plates for their guests. 

One of Andrew's recent weddings he worked on was in New York. At first I thought he'd mixed up his files and posted the wrong image. But, nope. This is the dance party to end all dance parties. 
In the Aussie bush, no alcohol and neon lights. 

P.s Steve, if you read this, I'll graciously allow you to take me on a romantic weekend away so I can apologise to the Three Sisters in person. No guarantee's I'll be bush walking though.