Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World class

So, I live in Australia. But, I don't like views. Or bush walking. Or landscapes that much really either. Steve and I have been on lovely weekends away up in the Blue Mountains, which is such a beautiful place. 
But I never really valued how beautiful until I saw it through the eyes of photographer Andrew Follan.
Hm, perhaps I owe those three sisters and their home turf an apology.

Natures provides. A lovely organic ceremony space. Imagine the energy surrounding the couple in this moment.

Pretty magical I'd say.

Vegan food never looked so good! Love when couples have huge sharing plates for their guests. 

One of Andrew's recent weddings he worked on was in New York. At first I thought he'd mixed up his files and posted the wrong image. But, nope. This is the dance party to end all dance parties. 
In the Aussie bush, no alcohol and neon lights. 

P.s Steve, if you read this, I'll graciously allow you to take me on a romantic weekend away so I can apologise to the Three Sisters in person. No guarantee's I'll be bush walking though.