Friday, May 28, 2010

they say it's goodluck

So they (who ever they are) say it's goodluck for your marriage if it rains on your wedding day. Personally that statement is right up there with 'luck' coming from a bird pooping in your hair whilst on a walk through the park with a really cute guy*, or 'bad luck' coming from dropping your school bag from the second story balcony causing your make-up mirror to smash to smithereens**.
If it was to rain on your wedding day (which is pretty much the only thing out of your, or your families or your planners control***), why not make the most of it by turning it into a styling bonanza?

hmmmm. Almost makes me want it to rain ( just a little). These couples make it look so fun!

*true, it happened. The boy married me though, so perhaps....
** true, it happened. Can I put my entire teenage years down to that moment?
*** Although you might expect your planner to have Godlike abilities. She can't control the weather.

P.s first pic is of the fabulous Mrs Mouse from weddingbee on her wedding day

Monday, May 24, 2010

love letter to DesignEx

Design Ex. We love you. Me for your eye candy and opportunity to wear a lanyard. Proudly announcing I am in the industry. The boy for your free wine and opportunity to talk about wood and tools all day ( with someone who is actually interested/knowledgeable, ie not me).

However, my all time favourite quality about you, dear DesignEx, is your ability to bring so many talented and aspiringly creative people together under the one roof. And not just big name famous successful people. But the little guys too.
I will never tire of checking out the imaginative and thoroughly researched design concept boards put together by students. Often for big name clients. Or seeing a design concept come to life through one of those aforementioned big name designers.

Greg Natale is a big name in the industry I'm pretty sure he wouldn't even have to wear a lanyard if he came to visit you. I guess that's how you know you've made it.
Here are some images of a design that was shortlisted for the residential decoration award, by Greg Natale Design.
If I lived in this house, I'd certainly be giving them a big gold star.

All images from here

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stylist stalking: Sibella Court

Everyone has someone they admire? Right? Well, for me this person is Sibella Court. I think she is amazing and I would seriously love to have her life. Not in a creepy single white female kind of way but just to exist doing something I love day in day out as she seems to do.
Her list of achievements is inspiring: Lived in New York? Check. Opened own s
tore. Check. Design colour palettes for murobond, write book on interior styling, judge on a panel for popular design show? Check, check, checkity check. Whew!

Here is one of her many palettes she has designed for Murobond. So pretty, and so easy to translate in to your own home. Or, to use as a theme for your wedding. The browns and greys (so creatively named 'nautilus' and 'whalebone') add a sense of strength and masculinity to the scheme preventing the colours from becoming overwhelmingly girly.

Here are some images from her beautiful book ETCETERA.

Sibella draws a lot of her own inspiration from nature and her sense of style is very eclectic. By combining antique collectables with contemporary elements Sibella is able to transform a space without any drastic renovations or huge monetary expense.

DO try this at home!

Effective styling can simply be a matter of collecting the things you love, be it toy cars, vintage vases or medieval swords and displaying them in a creative way. Grouped in colour, size, age or texture your favourite things have the potential to create a design focal point in your home.
Goodluck & happy styling!

P.s if anyone does have a medieval sword collection I'd love to see pics

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lets talk about scarves baby

Confession: I love this time of year. I love wearing jackets and scarves and beanies and gloves and all the lovely warm fashion accessories that winter brings. I have a h.u.g.e scarf collection. So big that it is impossible to contain within the realm of a drawer or cupboard or garbage bag as the boy sometimes suggests. My solution to this problem to get those babies out. This is a great way to style your home for winter. Budget friendly too!

Here are some very cute ways to display your favourite winter scarves, hats, coats etc


One:Image via livingetc you can buy a similar one here or, if you are feeling a little bit handy you can make your own. How to do it? Look here

Two: Been to London? Miss that squashed under someones armpit, avoiding eye contact with everyone feeling you get on the underground?? Why not remind yourself every morning when you reach for your coat as you race out the door.
Image via
here Alternatively buy one of these and paint it yourself. Or leave it black....

Three: Hide those boring walls with your beautiful winter woolies. Save on floor space too. You'll need to make holes in the wall for these ones, so make sure you really like them!
Image from
here and you'll find the hooks ( well, disc kind of shaped thingies) here

Monday, May 17, 2010

The lucky country

Yesterday I dragged the boy and the dog out to the beautiful Neilsen Park to start gathering some styling ideas for a wedding that's coming up in December. Our conversation as we strolled around the grounds went something like this:
Me: Wow, this place is truly beautiful. We really are lucky aren't we.
boy: mmmmmm yea, I guess
me: I mean, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to weddings. With our weather being so nice, so many beaches, parks, outdoor spaces to use......
boy: mmmmmm yea. Do you reckon I could climb that tree?

Grrr. Last time I bring the boy scouting locations.

Must admit, those trees are made for climbing. Hope no-one is inspired to at the wedding though. Drunk guest in tree = asking for trouble

Stayed tuned for some styling ideas for this stunning venue!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are your lights catching the train to ugly town?

Are your lights in need of a little beautification? I know ours are. We live in a rental property where, unfortunately, the owner thought it was a good idea to install oyster light/fan combos. Bleh. So, although these lights are not for us ... yet, I think they are super cool and definitely within budget!

Midsummer Light designed by Tord Boontje.

Full of floaty goodness this pendant lamp is feather light and diffuses a soft warm glow through the room. Could absolutely be used as a wedding table centrepiece suspended over guests tables. So original and elegant

Future Flora Lamp also designed by Tord Boontje, (four years later)

Still light and floaty but with a sci fi edge. If Princess Leia had a bedroom I think she'd run with this pendant lamp.

Pig Lamp designed by Ariel Rojo
No need to hire an electrician for this one. This super cute, super portable, super pro environment pig lamp is a light with a message. The pig shape is a reference to saving, whilst the cool to touch energy efficient bulb is, actually, saving (energy) oink oink!!.

All lights under $100 (yes, really!) and available here

Friday, May 14, 2010

Where it starts

This image of Adam and Halli is by the very talented Josh Goleman (who's work you can check out here).
This photo started a chain of events that eventually led to the styling of our own wedding. I love the contrast of the seriousness in their faces and the joy in the use of colourful balloons. Seeing this photo inspired me to try and create something for ourselves that, whilst sticking to a few traditional wedding elements, allowed us to be ourselves on our big day also.
I actually contacted Josh to come and shoot for us, but alas, the budget did not stretch to return flights from the U.S.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a beautiful day for blogging

So, after much thought and deliberation I have decided to join the world of blogging. I plan to provide daily inspiration on all the things I love, and hopefully you will too!
The world (and www) is full of amazing, inspired, talented people just waiting to be discovered. It truly is a beautiful day.
Welcome to Oscar & Ruby!!