Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too many rules

Working with a couple at the moment who are getting hitched in a beautiful rotunda that was built in 1901. Unfortunately this rotunda is heavily guarded by its council. My phone conversation with them re restrictions went a little like this

Me: Are chairs allowed?
Them: Yes. 10 only
Me: How about a signing table?
Them: No
Me: A sign to direct people?
Them: No
Me: Some kind of non permanent, weighted sign to show guests they are in the right part of the park?
Them: No
Me: Steamers? Balloons? Temporary flower arrangements? Ribbon? (at this stage I'm getting desperate & clutching at straws, throwing it all out there)
Them: No.
Me: So, we can bring in 10 chairs?
Them: Yes.

Now, I respect old buildings, and parklands wherever they are, and appreciate their simple beauty. I know they don't need much dressing up, but I think things are getting a little out of hand!
I'm a big girl, I was taught to pack away my toys, so how about a little discretion Mrs Council?
I take it these super cute confetti hearts by Lilac Saloon are not an option then?
 I'll follow the guests with a dust buster, if that's what it takes!