Thursday, December 30, 2010

Style shoot part 1

A few weeks ago I styled a summer themed shoot for a competition over at The Lane. It was loads of fun and, as you can see, involved lots of ice-cream! Only six shots were to be submitted in to the competition, which made things difficult, as our little model Georgia is just so adorable.
So here are some of the pics that didn't make the cut.
I'll post some more over the next few days.

P.s If you have the time, duck over to the The Lane and check out all the beautiful submissions. While you are there you can vote for Oscar and Ruby! (please)

Friday, December 24, 2010

What did one snowman say to the other snow man?
Is it just me, or can you smell carrots? 


Thursday, December 23, 2010

A merry thankyou

Merry Christmas! 
I'd love to say thankyou to each and every one of you.
Thankyou for your reading time, your comments, support and love on this here humble blog.
I appreciate everyone that has paused here for a while at Oscar and Ruby and hope that you'll continue on this adventure with me into 2011. It is going to be a big year, with many great things in the planner.
I hope your year will be the same.

Much love

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sneaky 'YAY"

Yesterday Oscar and Ruby styled a wedding table for the fab new blog 
Photos will be up on the blog soon as part of a competition. I'll be sure to let you know when they are, & you can vote for me!! (please)
A big thankyou to Nadean for being official photographer, 
(although this one is mine. You can tell I'm not a professional!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best present ever. Obviously.

Just in case I haven't told you, I've written a little something something about Christmas over at the wedding blog Amour Amour.  
As a matter of fact, so has Polka Dot Bride, and I'm sure Bonnie has many other fab people guest posting over the next week or so. Yipee! Its beginning to feel a lot like..........

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A most beautiful dress

Tell me this is not the most beautiful dress you have ever seen? I am emailing frantically to find out it's origin. Photography is by Lizelle and I discovered this object of beauty via Kate at magnolia rouge

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

summer cleanse

So perhaps I am a bit behind on this one, but I've just stumbled across this clever and informative little blog.
It is full of inspiring and non-preachy ways to get your body clean and healthy.
Here is an easy juice recipe they have over there
Apple, mint & lime juice
3-4 Granny Smith apples
2 sprigs of mint
¼ lime

I'm seriously looking into their cleansing juices too. They look responsible and full of nutrients, unlike the lemon detox I'm slightly sick of hearing about!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let it snow

so, even though our Christmas is more BBQ's and Aeroguard than snow flakes and mistletoe, these simple homemade snow globes are easy to make and simply stunning. And don't need to be hidden away in the roof space until December. 
A canny DIY couple could even use them as wedding favours. *
Instructions as follows:

 You will need to buy/beg/steal
*A jar of your choice (with a lid)
*Figurines or jewellery
*Anti-rust sealant for metal pieces
*Clear-drying epoxy  
*Distilled water
*Dash of glycerin
*Large silver or white glitter (smaller versions will float at the top)

1. Use clear-drying epoxy to adhere your piece to the inside of the lid. Let dry per  instructions.
2. After the epoxy dries completely, fill your jar with distilled or boiled water (at room temperature, of course).
3. Add just a dash of glycerin so the "snow" falls slowly.
4. Add as much glitter as you like. If you don't like the look of glitter, you can usually find faux snow at craft and haberdashery stores.
5. Screw your lid on tightly and enjoy your snow globe

Courtesy of Nicole

* I'd be one happy camper to receive one of these at a wedding. Especially the butterfly one!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supporters support

I always liked the idea of giving Steve a really thoughtful gift on the morning of our wedding. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way this intention fell by the way side. I figured me just showing up on the day would be special enough* .
When I stumbled across these precious drawings by Pepper, I realised I had struck gold! As I am quite possibly the least interested person in rugby league on this planet, I think he would quite appreciate the gesture. Steve is a huge** Tigers fan, but no tacky paraphernalia is allowed in our house (I'm such a dragon). This drawing that Pepper is going to do of/for him will however, be accepted.

** I once found a tigers championship ring in a bargain bin somewhere. I gave it to Steve as a joke. He wears it to every game. His friends kiss it for luck. {!}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

engagement shoot

Tomorrow I'm off to style an engagement shoot in Wisemans Ferry. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain (much). 
The couple have requested a picnic shoot, and, as the proposal happened in Japan, I'm hoping to introduce some Japanese elements too. How fun!! 
Above are some inspiration pics to help us stay on track.
The super talented Andrew of Follan Photography will be behind the lens, so stay tuned for some lovely pics.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Information overload

So, you're engaged and are planning the 'destination' wedding you've always dreamed of. 
I use the word 'destination' loosely, because personally, any venue that is more than an hours drive away or requires a map is classified 'destination'. 
Planning a wedding that is out of town comes with responsibilities. 
If you would like your guests to travel to celebrate* then you need to provide them with a fair amount of specific information. Everything from accommodation suggestions, transport information and most importantly directions need to be included on the invite to not only ensure your guests arrive on time, but also in one piece**.  

Providing all this information can get messy. I'll put my hand up and admit I ALWAYS lose parts of invites that we are sent and ALWAYS end up at the last minute scrambling around phoning people trying to get the details of time/address/dress code.

How appreciative would your guests be if you very kindly included all necessary info in one neat little book?
You could even play out your life long dream of becoming published and include any little short stories/poems/song lyrics to your beloved you've been squirrelling away.

For some great examples check out 

here (It's a date event design)
here ( Ice Cream social)
or here ( green quince)

*read drink
**not on the verge of divorce/break-up/homicide due to lack of clear and specific directions on how to get to/dress for/behave at your wedding

Monday, October 18, 2010

My parents were awesome

It's funny to think that, before they were parents our, ah, parents were just regular people. Just like Steve and I are now.
They had lives and passions and hopes and dreams. Loved all the things that we are probably taking for granted right now, as newlyweds pre children. I loved scanning through this website, checking out other peoples parents, before they were parents. I wonder what our future children will think of us as we are now? How long will it take for them to realise we were once young and carefree? Think I might prepare a little photo book of our lives right now, so I can prove to them that yes, we were once awesome too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short visit

Today you can catch me over at hello, splendor 
talking about rules that are meant to be broken! 
When Beth asked me I wanted to answer ' ah, all of them??'. 
But that wouldn't be very responsible now would it?
If you like, leave a comment. What rules do you think are made to be broken?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My sister says

My sister says she loves me every time we talk to each other on the phone. Kinda sweet and kinda weird as she only just started saying it, after 25 years! Who knows, maybe I'm nicer these days, since we don't live with mum and dad anymore and there's no arguing over who's going to set the table/feed the dog/buy mum's mothers day gift. Maybe it's because she lives in Darwin now, so every conversation counts that little bit more.

Anyhow, the name of this sweet little cafe is my sister says. Unusual and a great conversation starter. So is everything about this place. Everything appears to be 'upcycled' from tin can vases to filing cabinet storage. It is all well thought out and was a great intro to Melbourne. Little dog Bean was our furry guest at the table, his manners were impeccable and we loved watching him fall asleep whilst sitting up, classic old man style. 
My brekky was called the mixed bag, you can pretty much tell what it was from the pic. It was delicious!

my sister says
118 Bridge St
Port Melbourne VIC 3207
(03) 9646 1117

Friday, October 8, 2010

Southern Style

Photographed by sensesmaybenumbed

This weekend we are taking off to Melbourne to hang with our good friends southern style. Their names are Shannon and Terry, but we call them 'Sherry' ( I know.... the whole 'brangelina' joining of names is taking over the world). If you happen to have in your possession a copy of the latest Cosmo Bride, they are on page 184. Check them! They are too cute.

Anyway, Melbourne. I haven't been for years, and can't wait to go exploring. Here are some of the places I hope to get around to investigating.

We have also timed things perfectly well, as we will be in town for the first ever Melbourne Finders Keepers.
You beauty! Lucky I've paid up on my credit card......

When we get back I have some exciting news to share about a wedding we're styling in Feb. It's pretty cool.

Have a great weekend! And please share any tips for our weekend away. I know you Melbourne readers have some cool places you'd like to expose.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

new bike

new bike

new bike by oscarandruby on

Finally I am the happy owner of a brand new (well, second hand actually..... new to me though!) super cute vintage bike! Hooray. I'm constantly thinking up excuses to take her out for a ride. It is so much fun.
At the moment she lives in our lounge room, she is really part of the family. I've been trying to coax cooper to spend some time in the basket on the front. So far she has lasted half a lap round the house. Seems my Dorothy/Toto moment will never be realised. Shame.
A new bike deserves some cute accessories, so I've attempted my first ever polyvore collage. If you click on the link above it'll tell you where everything is from. But, you already knew that didn't you?

Do you ride? Got any advice for a newbie like me?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seven things about me

I've been tagged by the lovely Mrs A to write seven interesting/random facts about me. I hope you find them, ah, interesting!

I rarely wear anything other than thongs in summer

Stevie and I lived in London for three years, and drove around Europe in a camper van for four months. Five years later we still talk about it. It was the best time of our lives!


I absolutely can not stand icy pole sticks. I avoid them at all cost, even if that means missing out on ice cream.

Striped t'shirts feature heavily in my wardrobe. None however, are in umbrella form.


Not really random, but I love talking weddings.  


The ring tone on my phone is Florence and the machine .
{You've got the love.} Because I do!


Sometimes, if I finish work early, Stevie and I will take a bottle of champagne down to the park near the bay and watch the sunset. We look a little like bogans, with paper cups, but meh....... it's so lovely.

Now, to share the love......I'm passing this task to

Julie.... Olive and Joy

all images via we heart it. except florence.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not extinct

I was reminded yesterday by Julie over at Olive & Joy that it is time again for the Dinosaur Designs big sale. This is big news and a great opportunity to pick up some great pieces by a truly iconic Aussie brand. Their story of success is inspirational, and well worth a read, especially if you are completing the e-course run by Holly and Leslie. These guys started off running a market store and have grown into  internationally renowned design dynamos exhibiting in places such as New York, Milan and Canada. You can check out their online store here. They even do wedding registries!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

simple really


I'm going to be really happy. Are you?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful torture

This week I embark on a nine week challenge with my gym. nine weeks to get super fit and ready for summer. nine weeks of no alcohol*, minimal carbs, stacks of protein and multiple visits to the gym. 
as an indication of what I've signed up for, my personal trainer sent me a text this afternoon, kindly reminding me it was 4pm and not to eat any carbs from then on. hmm, right. so I'm guessing ordering our standard friday night pizza is out of the question. I'm also guessing if i happen to win the prize at the end of the challenge, which is a trip to Hawaii, i should probably send the boy. alone. if he makes it out of this alive.
in the mean time I'll torture myself (and you) with images of these beautiful cakes by maggie austin cakes

* I can handle the strict rules relating to everything else, but, alcohol? No booze for 9 weeks? That's a challenge

Monday, September 6, 2010

misguided pennies


How sweet are these drawings? I discovered the work of Nan Lawson via the green wedding shoes blog.
As my quest to buy a bike continues I thought purchasing the bike drawing above to put on my inspiration board would make perfect sense! Let's just ignore the fact that it is perhaps slightly counter-productive to be spending my pennies on pretty drawings, rather than putting them in the piggy bank!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is time on twitter time well spent??

As you know I am fairly new to the world of blogging and twitter and various other social media options that I am yet to discover. I really enjoy the world that has opened up to oscar and ruby through these mediums and honestly believe time on twitter is time well spent. Not just for helping to grow as a business, but for making friendships and genuine connections with vendors all over the world. 
If you have the inclination there is a wealth of info out there on how to use twitter well.
To save you the trouble (if you are interested!) I've linked for you here a great article by chris brogan.
It's worth the time.

And the groom wore tartan

kilt 1



images }

Here for your viewing pleasure are two beautiful Scottish weddings. 
I'm positive i'm not the only girl or guy, who adores a groom in a kilt. Not sure what the attraction is, but could perhaps be that it's such a rare occurrence that when a groom does choose to wear one it's all the more amazing. 
the boy considered* getting kilted up for our wedding, but it seems just because your name is McLeod and some where way way way back in the depths of history someone else called McLeod could possibly be your relation does not give you free reign of the national dress. 
My dad, on the other hand can lay a claim to a slightly closer relationship to the bonny land. He also considered wearing a kilt in the Anderson family tartan, however, after witnessing the somewhat immature behaviour of some of our friends at our engagement party, dad considered the chance of said people lifting his kilt as a joke too risky. And opted out.
Shame really.

* if considered means politely agreeing after months of pestering, then, yes. 
I guess you could say he 'considered' wearing a kilt.

what do you think?
kilt or suit? or tux or shorts?
what's your fav groom attire?