Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful torture

This week I embark on a nine week challenge with my gym. nine weeks to get super fit and ready for summer. nine weeks of no alcohol*, minimal carbs, stacks of protein and multiple visits to the gym. 
as an indication of what I've signed up for, my personal trainer sent me a text this afternoon, kindly reminding me it was 4pm and not to eat any carbs from then on. hmm, right. so I'm guessing ordering our standard friday night pizza is out of the question. I'm also guessing if i happen to win the prize at the end of the challenge, which is a trip to Hawaii, i should probably send the boy. alone. if he makes it out of this alive.
in the mean time I'll torture myself (and you) with images of these beautiful cakes by maggie austin cakes

* I can handle the strict rules relating to everything else, but, alcohol? No booze for 9 weeks? That's a challenge