Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY pinata

Steve and I went to a kids party once, it was a friend of a friends, daughter. 
Who knows why we went. 
We didn't really know anyone. 
 They had a pinata that no matter how hard it was hit, it didn't crack. 
After about 10mins of nothing happening kids started to get bored and of course thought it would be fun to hit each other with the sticks. Not fun.
Steve, being the hero he is, took it upon himself to break the stubborn pinata. He managed to crack it open & the kids went nuts for the lollies and toys etc.

Unfortunately, in his excitement when Steve turned around to sit back down next to me, he sat right on top of his champagne glass that he'd left on his seat. 
It cracked too. And shattered every where. 
Cue red-faced pinata hero.
Ha ha. Poor Steve.
These mini pinatas look much easier to break, and easy to put together. Full tutorial is over at One Charming Party.