Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a gift


Gift buying is, a gift. Really. 
Not many people are gifted with the gift of excellent, appropriate gift buying.
(I'm having a Dr Suess moment right there....)
I'm guessing this is why the wishing well is so popular at weddings these days.
Begrudgingly guests pretend that they're ok about handing over cash.
But really, they're not.
Guests would be so much happier to send the newly wedded couple off into a life of happiness with a gift that will be treasured and forever remembered.

Case in point: 
My mother in law has a plastic pink sugar bowl. It is ugly. And at least 35 years old, but EVERY time we sit down for a cup of tea and said sugar bowl is bought out, we are told the story of how they received it as a gift at their wedding. (Treasured & remembered right there)

Soon to launch new kid on the block, From the Owl is breaking down the idea of a traditional gift registry. 
And throwing into the mix worthwhile and un-dust collecting wares such as Pony Rider goodies, Creme bicycles, and i pads.