Monday, February 21, 2011

Life in style

As a last minute decision I dropped into the life instyle trade show over the weekend. I was so glad I did! As so much of my work is done online these days, seeing stock and people (people! real live people!), in person was great. I especially love seeing all the stall holders break out their inner stylist and pimp out their individual spaces. Creativity overload!
The photos above were my personal highlights, but only the tip of the ice berg of talent represented.

(these guys have some super cute stamp sets, worth checking out. I'll be buying some as obviously stamps are my current obsession, plus these lovely people are based just around the corner from me! Gotta love keeping it local!)

(So, I had no idea Zoe would be showing her beautiful, handcrafted jewellery at the fair. I was happily walking around, rocking my porcelain purple love heart that I purchased from her at finders keepers in Melbourne. Then I saw her..... yikes! Tres embarrassing. Felt a little like those folks that dig out their old band t'shirts to wear to a gig to prove they are true fans. Oops.)