Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are your lights catching the train to ugly town?

Are your lights in need of a little beautification? I know ours are. We live in a rental property where, unfortunately, the owner thought it was a good idea to install oyster light/fan combos. Bleh. So, although these lights are not for us ... yet, I think they are super cool and definitely within budget!

Midsummer Light designed by Tord Boontje.

Full of floaty goodness this pendant lamp is feather light and diffuses a soft warm glow through the room. Could absolutely be used as a wedding table centrepiece suspended over guests tables. So original and elegant

Future Flora Lamp also designed by Tord Boontje, (four years later)

Still light and floaty but with a sci fi edge. If Princess Leia had a bedroom I think she'd run with this pendant lamp.

Pig Lamp designed by Ariel Rojo
No need to hire an electrician for this one. This super cute, super portable, super pro environment pig lamp is a light with a message. The pig shape is a reference to saving, whilst the cool to touch energy efficient bulb is, actually, saving (energy) oink oink!!.

All lights under $100 (yes, really!) and available here

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