Saturday, July 31, 2010

Break it down

for a bit of fun over the next couple of weeks, i'll be joining a community of bloggers in taking up this challenge for the month of august. basically, i'll be taking one photo per day and posting it here on my little blog. don't really know where it'll end up, as my photography skills are *ahem* sub-standard to say the least, but, can't hurt to try hey?? here's hoping i don't end up with 30 photo's of my dog. could get a little...repetitive*
if you have a blog, you should join in. just go here to sign up 

*not sure if it's just our dog, or if this is a trait common to all friends of the four legged variety, but Cooper tends to have the same slightly bored expression ALL THE TIME. this does not make for interesting photography, but does however make us laugh. at her. a lot.

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Jenny Butler said...

I'm joining up too after seeing this post. First photo was of my dog- hehe!

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