Monday, September 6, 2010

misguided pennies


How sweet are these drawings? I discovered the work of Nan Lawson via the green wedding shoes blog.
As my quest to buy a bike continues I thought purchasing the bike drawing above to put on my inspiration board would make perfect sense! Let's just ignore the fact that it is perhaps slightly counter-productive to be spending my pennies on pretty drawings, rather than putting them in the piggy bank!


fairchildstreet said...

Lovely pictures very calm and gentle. If you are thinking of buying a bike visit the author of this blog rides a bike in style. has her as a guest blog as well. I think I have to rethink how I look when I next go out for a bicycle ride.

Jaclyn said...

just saw the design files post on the cyclestyle blog, looks like a perfect place for some inspiration. those prints are so pretty - worth some pennies i believe!

Violet said...

Hi! I just found your blog through BYW, and it's so lovely! I create handmade wedding stationery, so please have a look =) Talk to you soon!!!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

I love that image! What a great sketch. Personally, I own a lovely seafoam green cruiser and love it! It's comfy, rides low, and makes for a great cruise! {Aleah}

Piccadilly Market said...

Loving that bike

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