Monday, October 18, 2010

My parents were awesome

It's funny to think that, before they were parents our, ah, parents were just regular people. Just like Steve and I are now.
They had lives and passions and hopes and dreams. Loved all the things that we are probably taking for granted right now, as newlyweds pre children. I loved scanning through this website, checking out other peoples parents, before they were parents. I wonder what our future children will think of us as we are now? How long will it take for them to realise we were once young and carefree? Think I might prepare a little photo book of our lives right now, so I can prove to them that yes, we were once awesome too.


fairchildstreet said...

Lovely idea. We forget our parents were groovy young adults. We sometimes take our son to the cafes and places my husband and use to visit and tell him about what we use to do before he was born. I wonder what he thinks of us. Charmaine

Jaclyn said...

i love this website and it reminds me of how i used think my parents were so uncool. only when you're a bit older do you realise that they had a life before becoming parents and at one point in time, were pretty groovy.

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Ooh I love it. How totally cool are Kathy and Jim! Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to meeting at ABCD next week :)

Aleah and Nick said...

Loving this! What a fun, sweet post!

Pinecone Camp said...

I love these images - seriously fantastic.

cb said...

wow those are awesome pictures! i LOVED my mom's hair during the 70's and the dads cowboy style :)


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