Monday, October 4, 2010

new bike

new bike

new bike by oscarandruby on

Finally I am the happy owner of a brand new (well, second hand actually..... new to me though!) super cute vintage bike! Hooray. I'm constantly thinking up excuses to take her out for a ride. It is so much fun.
At the moment she lives in our lounge room, she is really part of the family. I've been trying to coax cooper to spend some time in the basket on the front. So far she has lasted half a lap round the house. Seems my Dorothy/Toto moment will never be realised. Shame.
A new bike deserves some cute accessories, so I've attempted my first ever polyvore collage. If you click on the link above it'll tell you where everything is from. But, you already knew that didn't you?

Do you ride? Got any advice for a newbie like me?


Jaclyn said...

hope you got to use your new bike, despite the rainy weather and I insist you keep the dream alive for your dorothy/toto mement - it will happen!

fairchildstreet said...

Well done with polyvore I haven't used it it. Have been using picnik which I love. Important to look good when out riding. Charmaine

Piccadilly Market said...

So envious about your bike. I am lusting for a hew vintage type bike. Great job on the polyvore. I did a bike one too.

DizzyWizzy said...

Just ride any chance you get but maybe wear your coolest most comfortable outfit to avoid being saddle sore and be careful in the traffic (sorry I sound like a Mum) but most of all have fun and enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs A in the Cove said...

Love the bike - and yes shame about the weather - hope it improves so you can get out on it. Well done on the first polyvore - did mine last week and I think I pulled it off!! Now onto Picnik which seems so much easier than Photoshop Elements! Leanne x

Nell said...

Oh, the new bike sounds awesome! I want a vintage bike, but i fear the city we live in is just too darn hilly for a vintage bike to cope with!! xx

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