Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supporters support

I always liked the idea of giving Steve a really thoughtful gift on the morning of our wedding. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way this intention fell by the way side. I figured me just showing up on the day would be special enough* .
When I stumbled across these precious drawings by Pepper, I realised I had struck gold! As I am quite possibly the least interested person in rugby league on this planet, I think he would quite appreciate the gesture. Steve is a huge** Tigers fan, but no tacky paraphernalia is allowed in our house (I'm such a dragon). This drawing that Pepper is going to do of/for him will however, be accepted.

** I once found a tigers championship ring in a bargain bin somewhere. I gave it to Steve as a joke. He wears it to every game. His friends kiss it for luck. {!}


Jaclyn said...

ahhh, he'll love it!

Nell said...

That is an awesome gift. Good work finding that. And love the story about the ring. Boys are so weird aren't they! xx

another donkey design by kate said...

Husbands can be such tragics some times! Love the pics - great find

Bonnie- amour amour said...

Sooo cute!!

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