Thursday, February 17, 2011

Age appropriate

At the moment I am working through the design process with two girls. Twins. Who are nine years old. We are working on a new design for their bedrooms, and discovering as we go along that they are kind of stuck. Not quite a child, but not quite a teenager either. Playing with dolls still features heavily on their agenda, but the word 'babyish' now features in their vocabulary. 
Quite the conundrum! 
I love these works by blancuchaBut perhaps they are too young? Or too old?

What do you think? Any tips??


Janette said...

I think they're gorgeous! I love that 50/60's nostalgia it's got going on, I don't think it's 'babyish' :)

Laura said...

Good morning from Rome! How adorable is your way to design?!? Great..I'm so happy I found you!
congs and hope to hear from you soon!

Nell said...

I think they're perfect. For me, Hehe xx

julie said...

I think they aren't childish at all! They have a cute sense of humor and sweetness to them. perfect for all ages! Great blog!

Cheers! -julie

Cheshire Street said...

I love them & have been considering buying the three city set xx

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