Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Killcare shoot

We're off up the coast on Sunday to help style a bridal shoot up at Bells, Killcare.
Some awesome vendors have jumped on board so it should be a fun if not completely crazy day!
Milton our rock star photographer took this pic last week when we went on a little reccie trip.
A trip that ended with us wining and dining at Bells. Delish!
Somehow, I think this Sunday will not be so relaxed. With 10 of us (including two gorgeous models) in the entourage, there will not be much scope for perusing wine lists or snacking on anti-pasto.
P.s if you ever do get the chance to visit Bells, order the rosemary potatoes. Best. Ever.
You can thank me after!

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Jess R said...

Go team. I can't wait to see the shoot, good luck for Sunday

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