Wednesday, December 14, 2011

coming soon..........

We get a lot of requests over here at the O&R studio. 
Some of which are for styling weddings, some for planning weddings and some for prop hire. 
(wish there were more requests for people to take me on overseas holidays but hey, you take what you can get.)

Anyway, at long last we have put together a small inventory of bits and pieces that will help inspire and create beauty at your wedding or event. Or photoshoot. Or where ever you see fit!

Will be up on the website by next year.
Which is only 2 weeks away so I don't feel too bad saying that.

Thanks to Nadean and Marissa for setting up the camera so I could pretend to be one of them for the day. Tough gig being a photographer! I have a whole new respect for all of you out there. 

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