Friday, February 10, 2012

How to sew a paper valentine

Here is a little tutorial on how to sew a cute valentine for your loved one (s)

I have been making these as placecards and it occurred to me that they would make a pretty cute and quick valentine.

Step one: Trace your shape onto some thick card stock

Step two: use a pin to make holes in your design.
* matching the colour of your pin to your embroidery thread is not necessary

It helps to use a piece of foam behind your card stock. 
Prevents stabbing yourself or making bends in the card.

Step three: Thread your needle with some embroidery thread

Step four: Sew your design

Step five: Repeat!!

Have fun and happy valentines lovers!!


P.s excuse the white paint on my perfectly shellaced nails. 
Got a few projects on the go.......


kate xx said...

Oh this is so so lovely! I love how simply and gorgeous it is at the same time! thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous creativity! :) x

beautifully, suddenly said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing :)

Winer Chen said...

I love the white paint on your nail.. :D Thought u did that on purpose..

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