Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lets talk about scarves baby

Confession: I love this time of year. I love wearing jackets and scarves and beanies and gloves and all the lovely warm fashion accessories that winter brings. I have a h.u.g.e scarf collection. So big that it is impossible to contain within the realm of a drawer or cupboard or garbage bag as the boy sometimes suggests. My solution to this problem to get those babies out. This is a great way to style your home for winter. Budget friendly too!

Here are some very cute ways to display your favourite winter scarves, hats, coats etc


One:Image via livingetc you can buy a similar one here or, if you are feeling a little bit handy you can make your own. How to do it? Look here

Two: Been to London? Miss that squashed under someones armpit, avoiding eye contact with everyone feeling you get on the underground?? Why not remind yourself every morning when you reach for your coat as you race out the door.
Image via
here Alternatively buy one of these and paint it yourself. Or leave it black....

Three: Hide those boring walls with your beautiful winter woolies. Save on floor space too. You'll need to make holes in the wall for these ones, so make sure you really like them!
Image from
here and you'll find the hooks ( well, disc kind of shaped thingies) here

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The Weekend Island said...

Ah, you have the same blog layout as me! We much have great taste (obviously). I just pulled all my scarves out last night. DOn't get much of a chance to wear them in Brisbane though...

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