Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stylist stalking: Sibella Court

Everyone has someone they admire? Right? Well, for me this person is Sibella Court. I think she is amazing and I would seriously love to have her life. Not in a creepy single white female kind of way but just to exist doing something I love day in day out as she seems to do.
Her list of achievements is inspiring: Lived in New York? Check. Opened own s
tore. Check. Design colour palettes for murobond, write book on interior styling, judge on a panel for popular design show? Check, check, checkity check. Whew!

Here is one of her many palettes she has designed for Murobond. So pretty, and so easy to translate in to your own home. Or, to use as a theme for your wedding. The browns and greys (so creatively named 'nautilus' and 'whalebone') add a sense of strength and masculinity to the scheme preventing the colours from becoming overwhelmingly girly.

Here are some images from her beautiful book ETCETERA.

Sibella draws a lot of her own inspiration from nature and her sense of style is very eclectic. By combining antique collectables with contemporary elements Sibella is able to transform a space without any drastic renovations or huge monetary expense.

DO try this at home!

Effective styling can simply be a matter of collecting the things you love, be it toy cars, vintage vases or medieval swords and displaying them in a creative way. Grouped in colour, size, age or texture your favourite things have the potential to create a design focal point in your home.
Goodluck & happy styling!

P.s if anyone does have a medieval sword collection I'd love to see pics

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