Monday, May 24, 2010

love letter to DesignEx

Design Ex. We love you. Me for your eye candy and opportunity to wear a lanyard. Proudly announcing I am in the industry. The boy for your free wine and opportunity to talk about wood and tools all day ( with someone who is actually interested/knowledgeable, ie not me).

However, my all time favourite quality about you, dear DesignEx, is your ability to bring so many talented and aspiringly creative people together under the one roof. And not just big name famous successful people. But the little guys too.
I will never tire of checking out the imaginative and thoroughly researched design concept boards put together by students. Often for big name clients. Or seeing a design concept come to life through one of those aforementioned big name designers.

Greg Natale is a big name in the industry I'm pretty sure he wouldn't even have to wear a lanyard if he came to visit you. I guess that's how you know you've made it.
Here are some images of a design that was shortlisted for the residential decoration award, by Greg Natale Design.
If I lived in this house, I'd certainly be giving them a big gold star.

All images from here

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