Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's list.....

Once upon a time the boy asked me to have a browse through his phone address book and rate his friends. Rate his friends??? Rest assured I declined, a) because first of all, how do you rate your friends exactly?? and b) I'm sure he was just bored and possibly looking for a fight*.

Making lists is a fun thing to do, as long as no-one gets hurt in the process. It's helps set priorities and let's other people inside your head just a little. Today here is a list of things I will never understand

* How exactly television works ( And not in a Willy Wonka way)

* Why my dog flat out refuses to eat out of a bowl or walk over metal grates

* How to spell restaurant ( three cheers for spell check)

* Scrunchies. Enough said.

* Why people rely on staring in reality shows ( I'm looking at YOU masterchef) to follow their dreams/start a new career. They're clearly amazing enough to do it solo.

*Algebra ( sorry Mrs Silsby**)

*Why my mum sees it as a personal attack when I can't talk on the phone to her right now.

* The relevance of the above picture to this post. Or this post to this blog even.

Disclaimer: No friends feelings were trampled on during the making of this list. No promises for next weeks though.

* not that this is a common occurrence, think he was just trying to be controversial
** my year eight math teacher. She had a beard, which was VERY distracting. So,you see, not exactly my fault I don't understand algebra.


Lyndsay said...

"Scrunchies. Enough said." One of life's biggest mysteries! I heard a very scary rumor they are making a comeback!

l_anderson001 said...

I have another one for your list that has always confused me: How come only ONE sock out of almost every pair of socks manages to survive the journey from washing machine back to its home in the sock drawer?? Where does the other one go???

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