Monday, June 7, 2010

The ball is rolling

after meeting with the lovely couple who have chosen the equally lovely Nielsen Park for their december wedding, i could barley control my excitement. they have some great ideas for the direction they want to head with their wedding design and are incorporating some lovely personal touches in to their day. lovely!!

the highlight of our meeting was when the word 'marquee' was mentioned. y
ipee! oh, the opportunities for styling the humble marquee offers. and to have one standing next to the kiosk at nielsen park makes my job so much easier. Unfortunately decent photos of decent marquees are hard to find. have to keep you posted on that one. in the mean time, here's some pretty inspiration for e & a's big day....

the kiosk. check out those beautiful coloured windows. inspiration city.

it's great that, although their venue is right on the beach, the couple have chosen not to take direction from this. i'm super happy we are going with a rustic, wildflower kind of vibe. no frangipanis* at this beach wedding.

december + sydney + outdoor ceremony equals sunburn and sweat. ew.
bring on the pretty parasols and fans. details and style bonanza.

and just in case the guests forget what they came for! ye old chalkboard sign. too cute.

*nothing particularly wrong with them but they've been done. haven't they??


belinda said...

oooh don't get me started on frangipanis - apparently it is essential to have a frangipani sticker on your car - or TEN - if you live on the coast. Every second car up here has them plastered all over the back window - ugh. Thankfully, I missed this memo. And even if I had received it, would have burnt it!!!
but rustic + wildflowers + parasols = perfect!

jessica......... said...

ha ha! Belinda this is so true. I really hope people don't start putting other beautiful flowers like, say peonies, all over their cars. then they might be ruined for us too!

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