Friday, July 9, 2010

I love, you love, watermelon

Ok, so these pics have absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with watermelon, but this is the song running through my head when i gaze upon the beautiful work of megan from maemae paperie.  when we were little we would grab a whole watermelon, chop it through the middle and attack it with spoons. so juicy, fun and carefree. this is what i get from this stationery set.




my friends and i are currently going through a baby shower phase. which generally sends us screaming to the hills. how can we possibly cling to the pretense of still being in our twenties* when our friends are popping out babies all over the place?? perhaps including some pretty stationery would help to soften the blow. love that these cards don't shout BABY and could in fact be useful for any occasion. like acquiring a new puppy, or starting a new job perhaps? would be nice if we could have parties** for these life changing moments too.....

this is just the smallest, tiniest example of megan's work. promise me you will check out the rest of her stuff sometime. 

* when it was hard enough managing my own life, let alone another humans
** read: presents

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