Friday, July 2, 2010

a little ray of sunshine

days like these make me feel like we may never have days like these
ever again. it has been so freezingly bitterly cold here in sydney lately that i'm finding it hard to even imagine the bikini wearing, ice block eating, sunshine filled days of summer. it's kind of hard to conjure up these images whilst pouring hot water on my windshield to melt the ice (ice!), or eating dinner in our lounge room so we can sit near the heater (nanna blankets included) then going to bed at 9pm just because it's too cold to stay up.
daniel kiyoi has kindly given me permission to share these super cool/hot images. perhaps they'll help jog the memory of summer days and sunshine. he has a whole lot of beautiful images on his blog.... if you need more!

p.s in case you were wondering, this super creative couple diy'd almost everything. mr made the photobooth and mrs made the pinhole cameras from scratch! amazing. their wedding is also featured in the 2010 issue of real simple weddings if you want to see more. keep a look out for the yellow ping pong table. it looked like such fun!

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Micaela @ The Stationery Boutique said...

What a beautiful wedding - so warm and happy :)

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