Friday, August 20, 2010

The big five

exciting news. oscar and ruby has been commissioned to plan what could be the most important party in a child's life.  the big five. 
important because it marks the transition from pre-school to BIG school, important because if you impress the right people they could be your best friends for life.

i totally get the importance of fifth birthday parties, as I managed to turn my own in to a complete disaster. 
being the birthday girl and therefore person of very important status i simply assumed this gave me the right to do and act however i pleased. unwrapping presents with ungrateful haste and shoving chips and jelly beans in to my mouth at the same time was slightly acceptable behaviour. unfortunately shoving patrick from across the road off the top of the monkey bars, was not.
patrick, his crumpled little body on the ground screamed so loud his mum came running from across the road.
i was in big trouble. with tears stinging my eyes i was sent to my room ( at my own party, the shame) and all the guests were sent home. party and queen status - ruined.
i really hope this party goes a little better.

p.s patrick, as it turns out was fine. i still think to this day he was just jealous it wasn't his birthday and wanted to steal the lime light. 

do you remember your 5th birthday? 
did it go a little better than mine? 
i hope so! 


Lyndsay said...

Oh no, what a horror story (a hilarious one though Jess!). Clearly Patrick didn't read the memo re: birthday girl = princess get out of jail free card...?

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Oh my gosh, what an adorably {sorry, but hilarious} sweet post! My 5th birthday party consisted of lots of friends, polka dots, cupcakes, and tons of games!! Nick's consisted of much of the same, minus the polka dots! Think Transformer, GI Joes, and boy stuff! :)

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