Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nielsen Park for real

a few months ago I wrote about the planning of a wedding for a lovely couple who have chosen to have their ceremony and reception at the equally lovely nielsen park. you can check out that post here and more on the details here. as we draw closer to the date there has been much discussion of the styling and theming of their big day. some plans have changed, the wildflowers and whimsy have been replaced with a more chic/vintage vibe, and the bridesmaids will be wearing black vintage inspired dresses. we will still be incorporating parasols, fans and cute little touches. you will be pleased to know however that frangipani's still don't get a run (phew!)
i'm so excited about the ideas el (bride) has come up with, it is going to be a stunningly memorable day.
 i've been painting pictures in my mind ever since that first visit out to the venue, so imagine my surprise when el forwarded me this amazing wedding at nielsen park. 
it was like seeing some of our ideas played out for real! parasols? check. vintage dresses? check. cuteness and all out loveliness? check!!


if you duck over to marzena's website here not only will you see more of this super wedding, but you just might recognise some of her other work. it's beautiful.


Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Beautiful! The photos are so classic!

Kaylovesvintage said...

love her work , so pretty

Debs Ivelja Photography said...

What a truely spectacular post! Amazing work and such a beautiful wedding

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