Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My best friends wedding

Be warned: This post is picture heavy! I guess emotional involvement = severe lack of editing skills!

A wedding I've been meaning to share with you for a while, is that of my great mates Shannon & Terry. After many happy years together (some of which involved living with Steve and I) they were hitched at the stunning (and popular) Gunners Barracks, on Sydney Harbour.

Steve and I were so honoured to be their bridal party. One newly hitched couple plus one soon to be hitched couple = a whole lot of love and fun!!

All photos are by Nerida Mc Murray who I'm looking forward to working with again in a few weeks!

Mothers of the Bride and Groom, dressed so super stylishly. Great choice of colours.

Bridesmaid dress was from Matthew Eager

This was when I started crying. That look of love. Gets me every time.

Haha! Poor Shannon and Terry, trying to be romantic for the camera with your two mates hanging around teasing you can't be easy. You can see the little smirks on their faces......

Shannons dress was by Karen Willis Holmes. Having to travel from Perth for her fittings, the ladies made it all too easy, and the dress was perfection.

The obligatory girls hamming it up for the camera shot

 Showing exactly how honoured he is to be best man by whooping it up on a canon.
My boy is all class.


another donkey design by kate said...

Looks like a beautiful day - and the colour of your dress suited you perfectly!

Nerida McMurray said...

Lovely to see this post and looking forward to working with you on the 26th March :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding! The bride looked amazing!

Camila F.

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

What fun! This is a gorgeous, lovely wedding!

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