Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What do people do all day?

Did you ever read this book by Richard Scarry?
 Following the lives of the folk of busy town? With Huckle Cat, bumbling Sergeant Murphy and my personal favourite Lowly the Worm, who did many things during the day like going to school, driving a street sweeper and operating on people in the local hospital.
Such a multi talented worm.
Well, I know what Scott and Alia from Whitewall Photography do all day.
They make beautiful! 
Beautiful photos with beautiful styling. Like this engagement shoot.

So, Tom the groom is a chef. And yep, he made all of these dishes. Clever boy.

And the shoot took place in a friends vineyard, as what's the use of beautiful food without a beautiful glass of wine to enjoy?

Congrats on your engagement Tom & Sarah. And thanks Whitewall photography for letting me share these pics!
For more of this shoot you can go to Scott and Alia's blog.


Janette said...

Gorgeous Shoot! WOW!

another donkey design by kate said...

Beautiful images (and i love that book! One of the first books my son was given!)

Looking Glass said...

Oh! Imagine being married to a chef!! ;-p

~ Clare x

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jess:)

Scott from white wall.

Design Elements said...


Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Ooh, how sweet! This is entirely too delicious, too!

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