Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clever Kozue


Personalisation city. These stamps made by Kozue and featured over at elsiecake take the idea of diy to a whole new level. How realistic is the print? Amazeballs.

Personalized name hand carved stamp

Or you could pretend to be one of those super important people, too busy to sign their name. Just stamp it! Cute to forever immortalise a child's script also.

Pet portrait hand carved rubber stamp

These are my all time fav. Just yesterday I bought this stamp from papersource of the dog I wish I had. Little did I know that Kozue could make one of the dog I actually have.

Lucky coops can't read. Don't think she'd appreciate the comment above!


frangipani designs said...

ooh love these arent they great!!!

MAURICE and KING said...

Fabulous! Great blog. Nice to find you! ;)

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