Friday, June 24, 2011

To market

At risk of sounding like a Nanna and saying 'back in the day', I'm going to say, back in the day when I was planning my own wedding (all of two years ago) I struggled.
 There was so so much gorgeous inspiration on all the fab wedding blogs, such as Polkadotbride, Style me pretty, Portobello bride, The Lane etc etc. 
But, for the life of me I couldn't source any vendors or suppliers here in Sydney with a similar aesthetic. 

My BM's dragged me (ok, I dragged them) to a bridal expo, that almost drove me to elope.
 I just couldn't relate to any of the suppliers, and felt most rude just walking past them all with a look of disinterest on my face. 
I'm sure I could hear them whisper bridezilla, as I ignored one after the other.
It wasn't that they weren't good and talented. 
They just weren't what I was looking for.
To top it all off as we left we walked past Salvatore Coco .
Spruiking his services as a wedding MC. 
This, for me was the final straw. I loved Con Bordino in heartbreak high. And to see him at this expo, with that look of desperation in his eye, it just.............well, broke my heart!

So, it is very exciting to see markets like this being held in Sydney, for all those couples that are after something a little different. A little eclectic or bohemian. Not only will it be a great opportunity to meet some fab vendors, but as it is a market (yes, my all time fav way to spend a lazy Saturday) you'll be able to buy stuff.

These pics by Kate Robinson are from the Melbourne Markets. Sydney will be just as fab I'm sure!

More info available at Portobello Bride


Jaclyn said...

look forward to seeing you there. x

Jess R said...

Awesome!!! I can just imagine how beautiful your stand will be, Portobello Markets looks so unique! x

Nell said...

That place looks amazing. A little far for me to travel unfortunately...! xx

Looking Glass said...

I was exactly the same. I gave up on bridal expos. Thanks for this post, my 2 besties are getting married next year & will love this!!

~ Clare x

majickally said...

I'm in love!! and I don't just mean with my fiance... this looks amazing. I have such a distinct view of what I don't want and I see it in all the bridal magazines, and at all the expos. It's so refreshing to see a bridal related function that may actually hold some inspiration!

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